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The Valente law firm began representing consumers who have been victimized by fraud and civil theft claims in 1995. We lead the area in handling consumer matters against unscrupulous car dealers, collection agencies, billing companies, credit card companies, mortgage lenders, banks, utility companies, cell phone providers, and internet access providers. Lawyers from all over the State and from other states retain Philip Valente Jr. and the Valente law firm to handle their cases or arrange for us to co-counsel their cases with them. The Valente law firm is the local counsel for a consortium of lawyers handling Telephone Consumer Protection Act cases. In addition Philip Valente Jr. is recognized as an expert Unfair and Deceptive Business Act matters, Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act cases, the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases, Civil Theft, Accountant Malpractice, and consumer fraud cases. In many cases, our clients are entitled to statutory damage recoveries even when they can’t establish actual damages. Whether your case is a single claim or one that may be brought as a class action, the Valente law firm has the resources, experience, and proven track record to get justice for you.