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Thanks to the internet, email and social media, there are more ways of sending a message to the world than ever before. When someone makes a false, defamatory statement about a person or business in Palm Beach County, harming his or her reputation by saying that they can’t be trusted, alleging that they committed a crime or otherwise saying that they are a bad person in their business, the message can quickly spread and cause serious harm to their reputation. They might lose their job or be forced out of business due to someone else’s libel or slander.

At the Valente Law Firm, our team of husband-and-wife lawyers represents parties involved in defamation lawsuits. We know Florida’s libel laws thoroughly and are equally capable of representing plaintiffs and defendants. Whether you have been publicly defamed or wrongly accused, we can help you.

Elements And Defenses Of Defamation

There are two forms of defamation: slander and libel. The main difference is that slander refers to a spoken statement, while a defamatory statement written down or typed electronically and sent to someone else is libel. Whether the allegedly defamatory statement was said out loud or written, to prove defamation, the plaintiff must show:

  • The defendant made the statement.
  • The defendant distributed the statement to one or more people.
  • The statement harmed the plaintiff in some way (e.g., cost the plaintiff wages or business or damaged their health through mental anguish).
  • The statement was false.
  • The statement was not protected in some way.

If you are accused of slander or libel, there may be one or more defenses you can invoke. One such defense is that the statement you made is true. Another is that you were giving your opinion, not stating a fact. We will explain how the law applies to your case, and together, we will develop a practical and winnable strategy for resolving your case.

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