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We Know How To Deal With Big Insurance Companies In Court

When a disaster happens, you are supposed to be able to turn to your insurance company for help. In reality, the big insurers got that way by considering making profits more important than fulfilling their promises to their customers. They often look for reasons to deny a valid insurance claim or make an offer that cannot possibly pay for all your needed repairs.

At the Valente Law Firm, we don’t represent insurance companies. Instead, we handle cases against the country’s largest and most powerful carriers. If your carrier denies your homeowner, hurricane, auto, aircraft or building claim, we are here to represent you.

The Attorney’s Role In An Insurance Dispute

When your insurance carrier denies your claim or makes a lowball offer, there is a process you must follow to challenge their decision. You can retain an attorney to represent you during this process, which often resolves the dispute. But when it does not, litigation may be your best option. Our experienced team of husband-and-wife attorneys knows how carriers operate. We will be prepared to go to trial to protect your rights under your insurance policy.

We handle cases with claims involving:

  • Roofing
  • Water damage
  • Plumbing issues
  • Hurricanes and windstorms
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Flood damage

We also work with cases involving recreational vehicle (RV) claims such as collision, reduced value (diminution in value), water, hail, wind, warranty/extended warranty and undisclosed damage.

Common Insurance Company Excuses

You’ve paid premiums for years. Then, when you have a loss, the insurance company wrongly denies your claim or part of your claim on a technicality. Examples of excuses for a denied claim can include:

  • Stating that your policy supposedly lapsed at the time you made your claim
  • Accusing you of being partly or wholly at fault
  • Alleging that your amount of damages exceeds your maximum coverage

Most of our insurance cases are handled on a contingency basis, and we seek our attorney’s fees and costs from your insurance company. Let the lawyers and staff who have successfully recovered millions in first-party insurance cases get you what you are rightfully entitled to. Contact our West Palm Beach location at 561-489-7409 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We are proud to assist clients across Florida, and we work with public adjusters across the state as well.