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Handling Complex Issues Related To RVs For Over 30 Years

Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) can come with unexpected legal challenges. For one, insurance companies often deny valid RV-related claims because they do not want to pay for the expensive damages. Breach of the manufacturer’s warranty is another problem you may face: Manufacturers’ delays for warranty-covered repairs, repair facilities being unavailable and other excuses make you wait for months, and you end up losing the use of your expensive investment. Meanwhile, your RV may suffer further damages, like its battery going dead. You lose the opportunity to see and experience what you bought the RV for in the first place.

For any and all issues you encounter involving your RV, you can come to us at the Valente Law Firm for assistance. For more than 30 years, we have helped clients throughout Florida struggling with legal issues related to their RVs. As attorneys who litigate cases against manufacturers, including those that make aircraft and RVs, we do not hesitate to take on complex cases if it means getting the fair and just compensation that you deserve.

We Know RV Law

Few law firms handle issues involving RVs, as this area of law is fairly niche. We, however, have extensive knowledge of the details of these cases, as we have handled them for years. Our attorneys can assist you with:

  • Warranty issues: If your RV came with a manufacturer’s warranty but the repairs aren’t being made or are taking too long, we can help. Did you purchase an extended warranty? Extended warranty companies notoriously deny virtually every claim, even those claims and components that should obviously be covered.
  • Hidden damage: Dealers and sellers may be on the hook if they sell you a used RV without disclosing the full damage to it.
  • Diminished value claims: You can bring a claim against a driver or insurer if an accident left your vehicle with a diminution in value.
  • Personal injury claims: Insurers often deny RV-related injury claims or offer settlements that are far too low.

Insurance companies, RV manufacturers and dealerships know that when we accept a case, we are serious about recovering the maximum value of your damages. As litigators, we have a well-proven record of winning high awards in court. Our reputation as a litigation firm can also give us the upper hand in negotiating an out-of-court settlement.

Resolve Your Frustrating RV Issue With Our Help

Owning a recreational vehicle should be fun, not frustrating. Reach out to our lawyers to learn about your legal options and how to resolve the problems you face. To contact our West Palm Beach office, please call 561-489-7409 or send us an email.