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How can a phone distract someone who is not using it?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you are in a car crash, you might want to consider whether the other driver was distracted by their phone. 

If the police ask the other driver if they were using their phone when they crashed, they will likely say no. Therefore, you may want to seek access to their phone logs to check if this is true. Yet, even if it is true that they were not using it, it does not mean phone distraction did not cause them to crash.

Phone carry on distracting you after you stop using them

A recent study found that a phone distracts a driver for 27 seconds on average after they put it down. This is why: Using your phone requires brain power

Think back to the last call you made. You probably thought about making that call before you made it. If it was a difficult call, you might have practiced what you would say. Even if it was not, you do not think, “I need to make a call,” and make it straight away. You typically wait for a convenient moment but keep it in your head that you need to make the call. 

Then once you have finished the call, it continues to occupy your mind. Maybe you replay what was said. Perhaps you think about what you need to do next as a result of the call.

All those things require some of your mind’s attention, reducing your ability to concentrate on driving. Getting legal help to show a driver who injured you in a crash was distracted in this way will greatly increase your chances of adequate compensation.