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How drivers can stay safe in and around RVs on the highways

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

Recreational vehicles (RVs) open up a world of travel opportunities. Some people purchase RVs when they have children so that the whole family can vacation together along with their pets. Some people view an RV as a retirement travel solution, loading up and seeing parts of the country they only dreamed about exploring during their working years.

Whether you are about to hit the road with your sweetheart or your entire family, safety should be your top focus. Some of the most common causes of RV collisions are the same as the top causes for every other crash. Distraction and intoxication are both known and avoidable risk factors.

What are other common causes for modern RV crashes?

Drowsy or fatigued driving

Trying to keep on a schedule when you are on vacation doesn’t just impose an artificial structure on what should be a restful time. It also might mean that you keep driving even when you feel too tired to be on the road or that you get up when you still haven’t had enough sleep to beat the morning traffic rush.

Drowsy driving is dangerous because having inadequate rest affects the brain much like alcohol does and can increase the risk of a crash substantially.

Overloaded RVs

An RV has everything you could need and often literally a kitchen sink, and yet you may fill it up with even more gear. The heavier the vehicle is, the harder it will be for you to manage on the road.

Excessively heavy RVs will not maneuver well, which is dangerous especially when you consider how long they already take to bring to a stop and how awkward they can be to turn quickly in an emergency situation.

Inexperienced drivers

Many RV crashes occur because the person driving the RV does not have experience with managing such a big vehicle. Even if someone has years of experience and standard passenger vehicles, they may find driving an RV to be overwhelming despite their offer to give the person with more experience a break. Getting adequate practice miles on the book before leaving for a trip is crucial for everyone’s safety when driving is a big part of your upcoming vacation.

Learning about the big causes of RV collisions can help you avoid a tragic end to your next vacation.