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Is it safer to hire a charter plane instead of flying commercial?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

There are a lot of frustrations that result from flying with a commercial airline. From lengthy delays while passing through security to having no control over the personality or health status of the person in the seat next to you, there are some risks that come from traveling on a commercial flight. 

You may also have limited options regarding which airports you can fly into and when you can schedule your travel. Charter flights give you more control over the destination, the company and the timing of your trip. Is it safer to travel via charter airplane instead of a commercial plane? 

Small planes have higher crash rates

When you look at the number of miles flown and the rate of aviation incidents and fatalities, charter flights are actually less safe than commercial airline flights. You are more likely to experience a crash on a charter plane and also more likely to die on a charter plane. 

Given that human error is a contributing factor to many aviation incidents and that there will simply be fewer staff members involved in a small charter flight than in a commercial flight, the possibility exists for someone to make a mistake and for no one else to catch the error before something serious goes wrong. Additionally, despite strict maintenance requirements for all planes, those in smaller charter fleets may not receive the attention that commercial jets do. 

Aviation incidents can result in serious personal injury, property damage losses and even fatalities. Filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim may be necessary for the protection of those affected by aviation accidents.