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Hit by a car? This may be why

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

If another vehicle hits you, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in the hospital with substantial injuries and need considerable compensation.

While you might know the other driver hit you, car crash claims are not that simple, especially if the other party says you were at fault. You will have to prove that they were at fault, and here are some places you could start:

Were they drunk?

If they were, the police should have picked it up. Yet even if they passed a blood alcohol test, any amount of alcohol in their system could have affected their ability to drive safely. You don’t need to be “drunk” for that to occur.

Were they drowsy?

Have you ever been driving along and broken into a yawn? Have you ever had to roll down the window to let some fresh air in or stop for a coffee to try and wake yourself up when driving? Most people occasionally feel tired at the wheel, and drowsiness seriously inhibits your driving ability. Discovering the driver that hit you works nights, has a new baby or was out at a friend’s gaming till late could all suggest tiredness may have led them to crash.

Were they distracted?

It’s possible to get hold of peoples’ cell phone records to see if they were using it when they crashed. Yet, even if they weren’t, many other things may have distracted their attention from the road, so they did not see you.

Consider legal help to learn more about the possible causes of a crash and increase the chance you get the injury compensation you need.