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Why do car accidents happen at night?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Personal Injury

Auto accidents happen all the time. While many of them happen during the day, many occur at night.

Here’s what you should be aware of when driving at night in order to minimize your risk of being involved in a wreck.

Low visibility

The most common reason drivers suffer nighttime accidents is because of low visibility. Drivers can often only see a few feet in front of them as they drive at night. Many accidents can occur when streets are poorly lit. Some accidents also happen because drivers aren’t using their lights or unlit objects are obstructing the road.

Bright lights

Conversely, bright lights may reduce people’s ability to see in the dark. A phone or screen with a bright light may obscure a driver’s vision and limit their natural night vision. Furthermore, drivers who use their high beams may make it harder for other drivers to see in front of them or locate where a driver is.


As it gets darker out, many drivers are home and off the roads, which clears up the road for people who like to speed. Speeding reduces a driver’s ability to control their car. They could, for example, make a sharp turn while speeding and end up flipping their vehicle and colliding with others. Or, they may struggle to stop the car before an impending accident occurs.

Drunk drivers

Bars, typically, close late at night. Patrons then have to find a way home, which may mean driving drunk. Drunk drivers have a higher chance of causing auto accidents because alcohol impairs their senses. A drunk driver may violate traffic laws and end up causing an accident.

Fatigued driving

Many people leave work fatigued. Drowsy driving can be just as bad as drunk driving. A driver who is tired may struggle to focus on the road and could even doze asleep and lose control of their vehicle.

You may have suffered an auto accident while driving at night. You may be injured and your vehicle may have been damaged. If this has happened to you, you may benefit from learning about steps you should take to seek compensation.