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Can car technology features help keep you safe?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

It can be hard to know where to start when looking to buy a car. If you have not bought a new car for a while it may surprise you how much technology you can now get.

Deciding what technology you need can be challenging. It’s like going back a few years and having to choose between an 8 CD autochanger and a 24 CD autochanger. One sounded better, but was it worth paying extra for?

Make safety a priority

While comfort and ease of doing things are important, anything that keeps you safe is a better use of your dollars. That is why cars have assisted braking, but they don’t come with coffee machines.

Here are some things that you should prioritize and the percentage of security they add:

  • Front Automotive Emergency Braking (AEB): It can reduce the chance you run into the back of someone by 50%.
  • Blind-Spot Warning (BSW): This reduces injury crashes by 23% and lane change collisions by 14%.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Warning (RCTA) / Rear AEB: When combined, they reduce the chance you reverse into something by 73%. While most reversing crashes are more about property damage, they could prevent you from backing over someone.

Remember, if you buy a car with these features, they only work if you leave them turned on.

What about the technologies that you should avoid?

Anything non-driving-related could make driving more dangerous. Systems that allow you to take and make calls, route find, or watch videos all distract you from the task at hand.

Technology can play an important role in driver safety. Yet, the most important tools are your eyes, ears and brain. If a driver crashes into you, then chances are they were not looking, not listening, or not thinking. Having legal assistance to show that will help you get the compensation you need.