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Weather-related property damage can happen all year in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Insurance Litigation

West Palm Beach residents know hurricane season brings a heightened risk of property damage. But what about the summer months? Is your property safe?

Many Florida residents focus on relaxation and enjoying the outdoors until the fall when hurricane season looms. But summertime weather patterns can also jeopardize your home and property.

Seasonal threats to consider

Summer in South Florida often comes with severe thunderstorms, which can produce damaging high winds, torrential downpours and flooding. Lightning strikes are frequent, potentially sparking fires, especially during drier periods.

Additionally, waterspouts can form off the coast, bringing a localized threat of strong winds and heavy rain. These events, while often short-lived, can cause significant damage to roofs, siding, windows and landscaping.

Can you count on your insurance claim?

Even if you have comprehensive coverage, there is no guarantee you will get a payout or that it will cover all your losses. Denials or underpayments are not uncommon. Insurance companies may argue that the damage is not covered by your policy or attempt to minimize the cost of repairs.

What can you do if you suspect wrongdoing?

If your insurance claim is denied or does not adequately cover your losses, do not assume you have no recourse against a big insurance carrier. These businesses must follow the rules like everyone else. When they do not, harmed homeowners can seek a remedy.

Instead of giving in to big business, get legal guidance. An experienced professional can assess the extent of the damage and fight for a fair settlement, helping ensure that a summer storm does not become a legal and financial headache.