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What should a person do after slipping on someone else’s stairs?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Stairs are a major potential hazard at any property. Even when property owners make a concerted effort to maintain their stairs, people could very easily slip and end up injured. And, all too often, homeowners and landlords do not properly maintain stairways. They allow the flooring to degrade or let lights burn out. They ignore loose handrails and other major hazards. Then, tenants or visitors end up paying the price for that negligence.

A fall down a flight of stairs can be far more physically devastating than a same-level fall. Fall victims can break bones, suffer spinal cord injuries and/or hurt their brains. Therefore, it is important to know what someone who has recently fallen down the stairs at another person’s property should do in the wake of sustaining harm.

They should obtain proper medical care

Sometimes, those who get hurt on another person’s property decline to seek medical care. They may not have health insurance, and they could feel worried about the expenses incurred at a hospital. In general, homeowners insurance for individuals or premises liability insurance for landlords or businesses could potentially cover the costs of someone falling down an unsafe stairwell. Those who have documented injuries and verifiable financial costs related to the fall will have an easier time pursuing compensation later. The choice to see a doctor can both increase someone’s chances of a quick recovery and improve the likelihood of a successful compensation claim.

They may also need to file a lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances, including what dangerous property conditions caused the fall, litigation may be necessary. Although people often dislike the idea of filing a lawsuit, particularly when they know the property owner, the individual who owns the property usually won’t have to directly pay when a court rules in favor of the person injured. Their insurance coverage will reimburse the person who got hurt.

A fall victim may benefit from seeking help in figuring out the right steps to take in order to get the compensation they need after falling in a dangerous stairwell. Reviewing the details of the circumstances in question with an attorney can be helpful for those weighing their options after a fall caused by unsafe property conditions.